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Welcome to my world of meaningful innovation and positive change!
I have a decade of experience dedicated to driving impactful projects that shape a better future. As a Technology Lead, Director of a Deep Tech AI Startup and Technology Consultant, Innovation Project Manager, Human Rights Consultant, and Board Advisor, my journey has led me across the globe, working in the United States, the UK, and the EU, and collaborating with diverse Asian nations.

My passion for innovation and human rights advocacy has been at the core of my career. I've delved into the intricate intersection of human rights, artificial intelligence, and technology, bringing these critical issues to the forefront.


With a profound understanding of AI algorithm development and a proven track record in technology project management, I possess the skills to drive AI initiatives to success. From crafting cutting-edge algorithms to overseeing seamless project execution, I bring expertise that ensures impactful and meaningful AI solutions.

With the lens of a Contributing Writer, I've explored and examined the ever-evolving landscape of technology's impact on our society.

My academic journey has been equally dedicated to these causes. I hold a strong foundation in technology and innovation management, and human rights advocacy and I'm currently pursuing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights. This journey is a testament to my commitment to understanding and driving change at the intersection of cutting-edge technology.

Join me in exploring the limitless potential of innovation and the profound impact it can have on society. Together, we can craft a future where technology serves as a force for good, championing human rights and driving meaningful progress.

Technology & Innovation Management

Human Rights Advocacy Specializing in Tech

Digital Design

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